[Alternative title: This shooting is not “meaningless”]

The tragedy in Newtown displays one of the most profound truths that mankind can possibly grasp!

Before it is grasped we must recall where we are at. I can scarce keep up with blog posts related to mass shootings. In the summer we saw the Batman shooting. There I argued:

Our cultural obsession with blood and death is pagan in its origins, and nothing more than a perversion of the true blood and death that should be our focus: Christ’s.

Christ’s Kingdom will be advanced as we seek to find our cultural blood lust to be abominable, and focus on valuing life over death in entertainment and life.

This is a consistent worldview. It’s not some crazy kid, alone. It’s a holy worldview fail, Batman.

Since then we’ve had a mall shooting where a handful of people were killed and injured. The number wasn’t high enough so it quickly disappeared from the news. I have a feeling that nearly two dozen dead children will linger in the news media for a little longer. My guess is 5-6 days. We’ll see.

Nothing new has changed. The shootings continue to sadden me deeply. I continue to be far from shocked. One question that isn’t nagging me this evening is How did this happen? This is thoroughly consistent. The barbarism in our culture will continue to grow, gain power, and get more gruesome and bloody until a cultural shift happens, including properly dealing with the following truths:

1) God will not be mocked
2) You reap what you sow
3) Garbage in, Garbage out
4) Teach a man he is a worm, he will act like it
5) Proclaim Liberation from the source of Liberty and receive tyranny and terror

Our culture has long proclaimed the new gospel of Darwinian existentialism. Man comes from nothing, is going nowhere, and nothing really matters in the mean time – but at least we’re free from God! (And why would it matter if we were free from God if He didn’t exist and all was meaningless?)

We’ve evolved from mathematical probability, and are governed by nothing but the laws of physics which came about milliseconds after an explosion which would’ve been impossible if said laws of physics were in existence prior to the explosion, and are nothing more than electrical pulsating biological microbes. All is random. All is meaningless. Chance molecules bouncing to and fro. There can simply be no basis, no basis whatsoever, for any objective morality. The closest thing to immorality is claiming morality. Shooting up children should not shock us! For this is the thoroughly consistent application of this godless, humanistic worldview. All is meaningless. To claim otherwise is to claim a piece of objective truth which doesn’t exist! It can’t exist!

At the very least these humanists could simply appeal to the “natural law” that one should not let one’s molecules randomly bounce off of another’s randomly bouncing molecules. It’s all meaningless!! It’s all leading to the same damned place.

I disagree with this bloody, murderous worldview. Humanism produces socialism, and socialism produces death on scales unimaginable. (See: 20th century) All philosophies and understandings of the world which reject the one true God ultimately leads to the same place: Death, destruction, tyranny, poverty, and terror.

This is exactly what is planned by these socialist revolutionaries. All of these godless, cascading heresies, piling on top of each other, all leading to social destruction and revolution. Only after tearing down what has evolved can evolution improve. It’s sick and twisted.

These damned statist schools are, by humanist fiat law, required to teach this godless secular humanism. It’s the law! Wake up. Repent. Get your children out of these wicked institutions! Repent, I will say it again – Repent!

One of the most fundamental truths which can be grasped from this tragedy is the proposition that cultures reap what the sow! This is not a trivial concept when coupled with true understanding of how deep we’ve deviated from God’s standards for morality and culture. Nearly all we do despises our creator and His revealed word. Our abhorrent wickedness is new every morning.

Without the objective standard ballast of God’s Word to guide our world we will continue to reap exactly what these despicable philosophies ultimately lead to: Meaninglessness, death, and destruction.

There is great joy and meaning available for us, God’s created and loved people. We are given dominion over the creation to labor in hope and faith, spreading the knowledge of the Lord across all of creation. This ballast gives peace, hope, and perseverance in the midst of life’s difficulties. Christ came to save the world, and all that is within it. He reigns now and commands us to know, to teach, and to apply all that He has given us – All of His word – to all of life.

The “meaning” of this shooting is to drive into our thick, rebellious skulls: There is Truth, God will not be mocked, You are reaping what you’ve sown, Repent!

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