A Critique of Seminaries

Introduction The essay below contains my critique of the Seminary in particular, and “Higher Education” in general. This is sure to ruffle feathers, but let me be as crystal clear as humanly possible up front: That is not my intent. I don’t mean any offense. I don’t have any one particular person, church, denomination, or […]

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Continuity of Testaments

The following is part of a Facebook conversation regarding the applicability of the Old Testament, specifically surrounding the topic of pacifism. The person on the other end of the debate is a consistent anabaptist who believes in “New Testament Christianity”, and that Jesus requires non-resistance when dealing with all evil. The difference in my understanding […]

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Merry Christmas – We’re winning

While I certainly recognize many internal challenges and inconsistencies of worldview leading to lack of authenticity of faith, here is an encouraging mainstream article reflecting the true nature of the growth of the Kingdom. We must not shrink back from pressing toward Reformation in all areas of Christendom, let us not forget the great successes […]

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A Model for National Repentance

Christian nation Uganda didn’t get the memo to not polish the brass on a sinking ship. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni celebrated Uganda’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain at the National Jubilee Prayers event. He publicly repents of his personal sin and the sins of the nation: “I stand here today to close the evil […]

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The Barbarism will continue until Worldview improves

One of the most fundamental truths which can be grasped from this tragedy is the proposition that cultures reap what the sow! This is not a trivial concept when coupled with true understanding of how deep we’ve deviated from God’s standards for morality and culture. Nearly all we do despises our creator and His revealed word. Our abhorrent wickedness is new every morning.

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All We Are Saying…Is Give Dominion a Chance

How to properly handle dispensational-influenced Christians, and over time get them onboard with an optimistic vision of victory – at least in practice.

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Roman Empire comparisons…

Some quick thoughts: The decline of America is often (and rightly) compared to that of the decline of the Roman Empire. This is looked at as a bad thing. However, what happened as a result of this cultural meltdown? The Empire submitted itself to Christianity and Christian culture flourished. There is much to be excited […]

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Electoral Distraction


Some brief thoughts on what the church should be doing after the election, and why it really is hardly important!

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Interesting insights

Reformation 21 writes, Why do People Leave the Catholic Church? Journeys of Faith is the title of a recent book which contains a number of biographical narratives about people in the US context who have changed their Christian allegiance from one church or tradition to another. (1) It is a fascinating account on the complex […]

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Publik schoolz – To Reform, or to Reject?

A cautious, wise approach An appropriate approach to the Christian life involves the application of wisdom to all areas.  I’m seeking this in my own life, and want to encourage my readers to the same.  This wisdom should be born out of a knowledge of God’s revealed word, a cautious and careful approach to it’s […]

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